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College of Mechanics and Materials
Faculty 73 faculty members, including 35 professors and associate professors. 
Departments & Research Institutes Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Material Science and Engineering
Department of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Department of Industrial Design
Teaching Office Mechanics
Teaching Office of Engineering Cartography
Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Control
Research Institute of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
Education and Research Center of Drudging Technology
Research Institute of Welding Technology
Research Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering
Research Institute of Industrial Design
Engineering Training Center
Lab for Basic Mechanical Experiments
Experimental Center of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Research Areas Mechanical Engineering
Material Processing Engineering
Drudging Technologies and Equipments
Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Industrial Design
Undergraduate Programs Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Metal Materials Engineering
Industrial Design
Digital Media Arts
Graduate Programs Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (Master)
Mechanical Design and Theories (Master)
Materials Processing Engineering (Master)
Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation (Master)
Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Master)

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  • Wu,Yuguang
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  • 5 Chang Cheng Road, Changzhou
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