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Business School
Faculty 99 faculty members, including 1 adjunct Academician and 58 professors and associate professors. 
Departments & Research Institutes Department of Economics
Department of Accounting
Department of Finance
Department of Marketing
Department of Management
Department of Engineering and Project Management
Department of Management Science and Information System
Center of MBA Education
Research Institute of Technology Economics
Research Institute of Intellectual Property Rights
Research Institute of Planning and Decision Making
Research Center of Industry Development and Informational Management
Research Center of Engineering Philosophy and Management
Research Institute of Investment
Research Institute of Management Science
Research Institute of Hydraulic Economics
Strategic Management Institute
Research Institute of Engineering Management
Research Center of Human Resources
Research Institute of Asset Management
Research Areas Applied Economics
National Economics
Finance and Investment
Industrial Economics
Regional Economics
International Economics and Trade
Quantitative Economics
Business Administration
Corporate Management
Technology Economics and Management
Management Science and Engineering
Engineering and Project Management
Information Management and E-Commerce
Financial Engineering
Undergraduate Programs Economics
International Economics and Trade
Information Management and System
Engineering Management
Business Administration
Financial Management
Human Resources Management
Graduate Programs Technical Economics and Management (PH.D)
Management Science and Engineering (Master, PH.D)
Business Administration (Master)
Applied Economics (Master)
Informatics (Master)
Demography, Resources, and Environment Economics
Project Management (Engineering Master)
Logistics Engineering (Engineering Master)
Industrial Engineering (Engineering Master)

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