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College of Public Administration
Faculty 93 faculty members, including 45 professors and associate professors. 
Departments & Research Institutes Department of Political Science
Department of Media
Department of Social Security
Department of Sociology
Department of Administrative Management
Department of Engineering and Project Management
Department of Philosophy
Research Center of Marxist Theory
Research Institute of Social Security
Research Institute of Water Resources Management
Research Institute of Nonprofit Organizations
Research Institute of Applied Psychology
National Research Center for Resettlement
Research Institute of Land Resources Management
Research Institute of ZHANG-Wentian
Education Center of Ideological and Political Theory Courses
Lab of Liberal Arts
Research Areas Political Science
Public Administration
Higher Education
Ideological and Political Theories
Labor and Social Security
Administrative Management
Philosophy of Science and Technology
Undergraduate Programs Ideological and Political Education
Labor and Social Security
Mass Media and Journalism
Broadcasting and Anchoring
Graduate Programs Basic Principles of Marxism (Master, PH.D)
Ideological and Political Education (Master, PH.D)
Sociology (Master, PH.D)
Resettlement Science and Management (PH.D)
Marxist Philosophy (Master)
Public Administration (Master)
Ethics (Master)
Political Science (Master)
Applied Psychology (Master)
Literature and Arts Study (Master)
Media (Master)
Higher Education (Master)
Philosophy of Science and Technology (Master)
Administrative Management (Master)
Social Security (Master)
Land Resources Management (Master)

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