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College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering

The faculty consists of 143 members, including an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,41 professors and 24 doctoral advisors. 

Departments & Research Institutes:

Department of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering;

Department of Agricultural Water Conservancy;

Experimental Center of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering;

Research Institute of Hydraulic Structure;

Research Institute of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering;

Research Institute of Fluvial Hydraulics and Rivers;

Research Institute of Energy and Power Engineering;

Sino-Canada Research Center of Transient Current Simulation and Control.

Research areas:

Hydraulics and River Dynamics;

Hydraulic Structure Engineering;

Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering;

Water Disaster and Water Safety;

Structure, Stability and Anti-Earthquake of High Concrete Dams;

Structure, Materials and Construction Techniques of High Embankment Dams;

Dam Safety Inspection and Monitoring;

Seepage Controlling;

Inspection and Monitoring of Sluice Gates and Other Metallic Structures;

Structures of Hydropower and Pumped-Storage Development;

Numerical Analysis and Model Test of Transients in Water Conveying Systems;

Design and Test of Hydroturbine and Pumps;

Simulation of Transients Of Machinery;

Modeling of Governed Hydroturbines and Microcomputer-Based Governors;

Computational Fluid Mechanics;

Sediment Transport;

Irrigation and Drainage Engineering;

Pump Station Modeling.

Undergraduate Programs:

Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering

Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

Graduate Programs:

Hydraulic Structure Engineering (Master, PH.D)

Fluvial Hydraulics and River Dynamics (Master, PH.D)

Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering (Master, PH.D)

Water Disasters and Water Safety (Master, PH.D)

Engineering Management of Hydraulic and Hydropower Construction Projects (Master, PH.D)

Fluid Machinery and Engineering (Master)

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  • Gu, Chongshi
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