Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

1.Civil Engineering

2.Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

3.Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering

4.Environmental Engineering

5.Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering

6.Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering

7.Oceanic Techniques

8.Transportation Engineering

9.International Economics and Trade

10. Economics

11. Business Administration

12. Accounting

13. Financial Management

14. Marketing

15. Electronic Business

16. Telecommunications Engineering

17. Electronic and Information Engineering

18. Electrical Engineering and its Automation

19. Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering

20. Computer Science and Technology

21. English

22. Law

23. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

24. Geological Engineering

25. Surveying and Mapping Engineering

26. Engineering Mechanics

27. Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

28. Automation

29. Project Management

30. Labor and Social Security

31. Human Resources Management

32. Management and Information Systems

33. Information and Computation Science

34. Applied Physics

35. Urban and Rural Planning and Resources Environment

36. Geographic Information Systems

37. Protected Agricultural Science and Engineering

38. Water Engineering

39. Mechanical Engineering and Automation

40. Metal Materials and Engineering

41. Industrial Design

42. Electronic Science and Technology

43. Wind Energy and Power Engineering