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College of Civil and Transportation Engineering

The faculty consists of 120 members, including 30 professors and 27 doctoral advisors.  
Departments & Research Institutes:

Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Transportation Engineering;
Research Institute of Structural Engineering;
Research Institute of Prevention and Protection of Engineering Disasters;
Research Institute of Bridges and Tunnels Engineering;
Research Institute of Engineering Mechanics;
Research Institute of Solid Mechanics;
Research Institute of Fluid Mechanics;
Research Institute of Geotechnical Engineering;
Research Institute of Engineering Geology;
Research Institute of Geodetection and Information Technology;
Research Institute of Hydrogeology;
Research Institute of Modern Measurement Engineering;
Research Institute of Information Engineering in Remote Sensing;
Lab of Structural Engineering;
Lab of Geological Engineering;
Lab of Geomatic Engineering;
Lab of Geotechnical Mechanics;
Experimental Center of Mechanics;
Research Areas:

Civil Engineering;
Geological Resources and Geological Engineering;
Geomatic Engineering;
Structural Engineering;
Engineering Mechanics;
Solid Mechanics;
Prevention and Protection of Engineering Disasters;
Earth Science and Information Technology;
Land Surveying;
Photography Surveying and Remote Sensing;
Geotechnical Engineering;
Reinforced Concrete Structures.
Undergraduate Programs:

Civil Engineering;
Geomatic Engineering;
Geological Engineering;
Engineering Mechanics;
Graduate Programs:

Mechanics (Master, PH.D);
Geotechnical Engineering (Master, PH.D);
Structural Engineering (Master, PH.D);
Disaster Prevention and Control Engineering and Protection Engineering (Master, PH.D);
Geomatic Science and Technology (Master, PH.D).
Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (Master, PH.D)
Bridges and Tunnels Engineering (Master, PH.D)

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  • Liu, Hanlong
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  • +86-25-8378 6633
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  • 5th floor, Science Building
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