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College of Hydrology and Water Resources

The faculty consists of 104 members, including 34 professors and 28 doctoral advisors. 
Departments & Research Institutes:

Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering;

Department of Water Service;

Department of Urban Resources & Environment.
State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering;
Sino-Germany Research Institute of Water Resources;
Research Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulic Automation;
Research Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources;
Research Institute of Ecological Water Environment;
Research Institute of Geographic Information Science;
Experimental Center of Water Resources and Environment.
Research areas:

Physical Processes of Water Cycle and Modelling;
Hydrological Forecasting including flood & drought forecasting;
Groundwater system modelling;
Hydro-meteorology & hydro-climatology;
Catchment erosion and sediment transport;
Uncertainty in Hydrology & Water-related Disasters Prevention;
Stochastic Hydrology;
Decision-making support system;
Water-related Disaster Mechanism;
Disaster risk analysis;
Municipal Flood Control;
Water Resources System & Sustainable Utilization;
Water Resources System Planning;
Water Resources Allocation;
Water Resources Management;
Technical Economy of Water Resources;
Water Right and Water Market;
Water Environmental Protection;
Environmental Hydrology;
Lake Eutrophication;
Watershed Ecology & River Ecology;
Environmental Impact Assessment;
Water Security;
Hydro-information Collection and Processing;
GPS-RS-GIS Application;
Digital Basin;
Digital Hydrology;
Digital Disaster Reduction System;
Undergraduate Programs Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering;
Geographical Information System;
Water Engineering;
Resources Environment and Urban & Rural Planning and Management.
Graduate Programs:

Hydrology and Water Resources (Master, PH.D)
Ecological Hydraulics (Master, PH.D)
Urban Water Engineering (Master, PH.D)
Cartography and Geographical Information System (Master).

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