President Cheng Wang visited Universities in Laos and Vietnam



President Cheng Wang  led the Hohai University delegation to visit the National University of Laos, National University of Civil Engineering Vietnam, and Water Resources University Vietnam in the past few days.


In the National University of Laos, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by President Cheng Wang and President Soukkongseng SAIGNALEUTH (NUOL). The two parties reviewed the long-term friendly cooperation and affirmed the outstanding contributions and achievements in the promotion of the cooperation in terms of water conservancy and hydropower, public administration and MBA. Professor Guoqing Shi, dean of college of Public Administration, signed MoU with Professor Phout Simmalavong, dean of Faculty of Social Science.


In order to develop the international collaboration and to enhance mutual academic exchanges, a Memorandum of Understanding was renewed between Hohai University and National University of Civil Engineering Vietnam, covering collaboration initiatives such as academic staff exchange, joint research programs, and other joint programs in areas of mutual interest.


Hohai University delegation visited the Water Resources University Vietnam as their last stop and had a discussion with President Nguyen Quang Kim on the missions and the responsibilities of higher education in the process of globalization and feasible cooperation channels between the two universities. Both parties expressed the will to continue promoting the cooperation in terms of talent development, scientific research and government funding for research projects.


The delegation also met with officials at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Laos, and Ministry of Energy and Mines of Lao Peoples Democratic Republic.


The delegates included Dr. GU Chongshi, Dean of College of Hydropower and Water Conservancy , Dr. ZHANG Yang, Dean of Business School, Dr. SHI Guoqing, Dean of College of Public Administration, Dr. WANG Qun, Dean of College of International Education.