Professor Paul Johnson, President of University of Western Australia, visited Hohai University


A delegation of University of Western Australia , headed by Professor Paul Johnson, President of UWA, visited Hohai University on May 22nd. Professor Tuo Zhu, Chairman of the University Council, and Vice President Ping Ju met with the delegation.



Professor Tuo Zhu extended his warm welcome to President Paul Johnson, and discussed the potential collaboration in interdisciplinary research, staff and student exchange, and the possibility of “3+2”,”2+2”joint training mode. Professor Ping Ju introduced the current development of sciences and international cooperation of Hohai University. The delegation also visited the campus and explored the Hydraulics Laboratory.



UWA is the only Western Australian university to belong to the Group of Eight – a coalition of the top research universities in Australia, and maintains long-term relationships of cooperation with Hohai University.The delegates included Professor Iain Watt, Vice President of UWA, Professor Brett Nener, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, Professor Anas Ghadouani , Deputy Head of School of Environmental Systems Engineering, President Assistant Ms Eva Chye.