Professor Philippe Rollet, President of Université Lille 1 Visited Hohai University


    Professor Philippe Rollet, President of Université Lille 1, and Professor Francois-Olivier Seys, Vice President of Université Lille 1, visited Hohai University on November 27. Professor Hui Xu, President of Hohai University and Professor  Hongwu Tang, Vice President of Hohai University met with them.
     Prof. Xu showed warm welcome and pointed out that the long history of communication and solid foundation for cooperation between the two parties has born abundant fruits, which is worth to further development. Prof. Rollet expressed the high attention to the all-round cooperation also. He said Hohai University is an important partner of Université Lille 1. Prof. Xu and Prof. Rollet signed the agreement. Both wish the signed ceremony could strengthen the communication and deepen the cooperation in aspects such as education, research, exchange of staff and students. They also wish to develop the cooperation in Msc and PhD programs, so that both could achieve mutual benefit from such cooperation.
     During the visit of French partners, Professor Tuo Zhu, Chairman of Hohai University, and Mr.  Jichao Guo, Vice Chairman of Hohai University, also met with Prof. Rollet. Prof. Zhu acknowledged the successful cooperation and conveyed the vision of further cooperation between two partners.