The Delegation of Aberystwyth University visited Hohai University and Signed Memorandum of Agreement


The Delegation of Aberystwyth University, headed by Pro Vice Chancellor John Grattan, visited Hohai University on November 12.Vice President Hongwu Tang met with the delegation.

Both parties discussed the operation situation of the Degree Programme in BSc Environmental Science, and potential collaboration in interdisciplinary research and staff exchange.

Professor John Grattan and Professor Hongwu Tang signed the Memorandum of Agreement in BSc Environmental Science “2+2”Joint Degree Programme. Starting from next year, registered students successfully completing the first two years study in College of Environment, Hohai University, could be enrolled by Aberystwyth University and awarded the appropriate degree after obtaining required credits. A scholarship equal to 10% of the tuition fees for each year of undergraduate study will by offered by Aberystwyth University.

Staff from International Office, College of International Education and College of Environment attended the meeting.

Aberystwyth University has a proud history dating back to 1872 – when it was established by the people of Wales as the first Welsh University. Environmental Science Study is named one of the top ten in the UK. The “Aberystwyth University-Hohai University BSc Environmental Science Joint Degree Programme” was authorized by Ministry of Education last year, and it’s the only cooperation between Hohai University and overseas universities in running schools.