University of Western Australia Visited Hohai University


On September 12th, the delegation from University of Western Australia headed by Vice President John Dell and Professor Yinong Liu visited Hohai University. Hongwu Tang, Secretary of HHU Committee of CPC met with the delegation.

During the meeting, both sides introduced the latest development of talent cultivation and discipline construction respectively. They both fully affirmed the undergraduate exchanges and short-term visits between the two sides and hoped to carry out more in-depth cooperation in the fields of water conservancy and hydropower, computer and information technology, harbor, coastal and offshore engineering, and oceanography. University of Western Australia and Hohai University reached preliminary cooperation intentions to implement the “3+2” dual degree program and joint cultivation of doctoral students at the discipline of water conservancy and hydropower and so on. 

Ms. Sandy NG, Director of Australian Education Association (AEA), Mr. John QIAN, General Manager of AEA China Office, staff from Hohai University’s International Office, College of Hydrology and Water Resources, College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, College of Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, College of Oceanography and College of Agricultural Engineering attended the meeting. 

Founded in 1913, University of Western Australia is the member of the Group of Eight. As one of the best five-star universities in Australia, the level of research, teachers and graduate satisfaction has owned the five-star rating in the Australian discipline evaluation.