Tashkent Water Conservancy and Agricultural Machinery University of Uzbekistan, China Power Construction Group Visited Hohai University


On September 20th, Umdzhakov Uktam, President of the Tashkent Water Conservancy and Agricultural Machinery University of Uzbekistan, and Latibov Shaki Zamoen, deputy director of the Innovation and Technology Department of the Uzbekistan Ministry of Water Resources, Deyang Xu, chairman of the Labor Union of China Power Municipal Construction Group, visited our university. President Hui Xu and vice president Weiya Xu met with the guests respectively.

President Hui Xu introduced the development history and subject characteristics of our school, in particular, the international education work in recent years which has closely kept step with the progress of the Belt and Road Initiative. It was hoped that both sides would cooperate with each other in personnel cultivating and training, scientific research, academic exchanges and in many other aspects. President Umdzhakov Uktam said both schools have featured water conservancy and fostered a large number of outstanding alumni. Hed like to take this opportunity to fully cooperate with Hohai University. Two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation. During the visit, the guests also visited the school history museum, the sediment laboratory, the library and looked in the international students.

Tashkent Water Conservancy and Agricultural Machinery University of Uzbekistan is the only university in Central Asia featuring water conservancy agriculture. It enjoys a high reputation in Uzbekistan and even Central Asia . The current president of Uzbekistan and the Minister of Water Resources are graduates in this school. Introduced by China Power Construction Group, in July 2018, the school selected 6 excellent graduates to study at Hohai University and they all received funding from The Chinese government scholarship. At present, our school has 984 students coming from the countries along the the Belt and Road.

The heads of relevant departments such as Science and Technology Department, Periodical Department, Personnel Department, International Office, International Education College, Distance and Continuing Education College, Agricultural Engineering College, Civil Engineering and Transportation College attended the meeting.