Space-to-Ground Observation Technology and Smart Ocean International Seminar,2018 Was Held in Hohai University


Recently, Space-to-ground observation technology and smart ocean international seminar,2018 was held in Hohai University. Hui Xu, president of Hohai University, and Jianshi Shi, director of Jiangsu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau and chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Institute, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 40 well-known scholars at home and abroad from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom, the German Geoscience Center, Kyoto University in Japan, Wuhan University and other universities attended the meeting and made guest reports.

Hui Xu welcomed the experts at the meeting and introduced the basic situation of Hohai University. He pointed out that the mapping of geographic information science and technology, represented by space-to-ground observation technology and smart ocean, has a profound impact on the economic construction and national defense construction of China. As the oldest institution of higher water conservancy in China, Hohai University deeply guarantees the national water security, promotes the development of water science, and feels the mission is glorious. Xu said that the school will aim at the development goals of world-class characteristic research universities, enhance the comprehensive strength and international competitiveness in a comprehensive way, at the same time, hope that the participating experts to give more care, guidance and help to the school construction and development.

Director Jianshi Shi expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Hohai University for the long-standing attention, concern and support for the construction of geographic information work and surveying and mapping disciplines. He pointed out that we should strive to build interdisciplinary and multi-domain surveying and mapping disciplines, and strive to create a full coverage, a net mapping geographic information resources services. Meanwhile, we should work together to improve the international status of surveying and mapping geographic information in Jiangsu Province, in order to promote the high quality of economic and social development to the forefront of China based on the actual results of high-quality development of geographic information undertakings.

This meeting, with the themes of space-to-ground observation technology and Smart Ocean, covered a number of research areas such as 3S technology applications, Ocean remote sensing, satellite altimetry, dynamic monitoring of sea areas, and three-dimensional laser measurements. The participating scholars exchanged and discussed hot issues such as 3S Technology Water Conservancy application and smart ocean, and shared the latest research results. Professor Xiufeng He, director of the Hohai University Institute of Satellite and Space Information Applications, held the meeting.