International Symposium on Rock Physics and Underground Fluid Testing Was Held in Hohai University


From 2th to 4th November, International Symposium on Rock Physics and underground fluid testing was held in Hohai University. Academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering, professor Brent Sleep of University od Toronto, and the principal researcher, José Carcione of Experimental Geophysical Research Center, State Oceanic Administration, Italy, and other internationally renowned experts and scholars have attended the meeting. Vice President of Hohai University Feng Xu attended the conference and delivered welcoming remarks. Wang Jinguo, dean of the collage of Geosciences and Engineering, host the meeting.

The conference revolved around seismic rock physics, rock structure, dispersion and attenuation, fractured medium groundwater, groundwater system model and other topics. More than 60 well-known experts and scholars from universities and research institutes at home and abroad, such as the University of Toronto in Canada, the Experimental Geophysical Research Center of the Italian State Oceanic Administration, Stanford University in the United States, the University of Göttingen in Germany, Peking University and Tsinghua University, conducted in-depth discussion on the critical needs of the country and the frontier issues of discipline development around environmental, resource geophysical survey and underground fluid detection theory, method and technology application and expand international exchanges and cooperation in related fields to promote the cross-integration of relevant disciplines in China.

The participating experts also visited the Earth Science and Engineering Experimental Center of Hohai University.