The Sixth Session of the International Conference on Multi-field Coupling Theory and Application of Rock and Soil Was Held in Hohai University


During November 17th to 19th,  academician Meifeng Cai of University of Science & Technology Beijing, academician Chao Wang of Hohai University, academician Fuming Wang of Zhengzhou University, and professor Linbing Wang of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and more than 150 experts and scholars at home and abroad attended the conference. Professor Hongwu Tang, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Hohai University, professor Xiating Feng, vice-president of Northeastern University, director of the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, professor Jun Yao, vice-president of Chinese Petroleum University ( East China), head of Seepage Mechanics Group of Chinese society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Yuan Wang, dean of Hohai University Institute of Mechanics and Materials and distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars.

Welcome speech given by Secretary  Hongwu Tang

He pointed out that at present, Hohai University has been practicing in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of 19th Congress of the CPC, and of the National University ideological Work conference and the National Education Conference, making every effort to promote double-first-class construction. We have opened a new journey to build a world-class characteristic research university, and a world-class water conservancy discipline and a scientific and technological highland with Chinese characteristics. We actively make new and greater contributions to support the construction of national ecological civilization, ensuring national water security and participating in global water governance. It is hoped that the experts and scholars at the meeting can fully exchange in-depth study and jointly work harder on the multi-field coupling of geotechnical soil.

Invited report given by academician Fuming Wang

Invited report given by academician Chao Wang

Invited report given by academician Meifeng Cai

Academician Fuming Wang, academician Chao Wang, academician Meifeng Cai, professor Linbing Wang, and professor Yong Zhang of University of Alabama, and more than 13 experts have made invited reports on water disaster prevention and control technology of underground infrastructure, multi-field coupling theory and key technology in Sponge city construction, multi-field coupling problem in geotechnical excavation engineering, application of material genome method in multi-scale characterization and modeling of geotechnical materials, Fick flow and non-migration of fractured rock mass and porous media. Vice Chairman of China Society of Rock Mechanics and engineering, Professor Hehua Zhu of Tongji University, Professor Jun Yuan, vice President of Chinese Petroleum University (East China), and so on, respectively, made reports on civil engineering, water conservancy, mining, environment, marine, petroleum and other different industries under the background of hot spots and difficulties.

The conference set up 6 sub-venues of oil/gas reservoir engineering, hydroelectric engineering/embankment, mining engineering/tailings depot, marine/environmental engineering, civil Engineering/tunnel, multi-field coupling numerical Method, 18 people for guest reports, 57 people for the venue report, showing the multi-field coupling of geotechnical soil and its cross-field research fruitful results. The meeting also set up the future thinking of multi-field coupling problem roundtable discussion, discussed the academic frontier theory and important engineering application in the field of multi-field coupling of geotechnical and soil, and exchanged  ideas of the future development trend.

International Conference on multi-field coupling theory and application of rock and soil is held every two years, this meeting is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Mechanics, the Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, and undertaken by Hohai University and other units.