The 4th World Water Valley Forum was Held in Laos


From November 23rd to 25th, the 4th World Water Valley Forum, hosted by Hohai University, was held in Vientiane, Laos. Hui Xu, President of Hohai University, Chairman of the World Water Valley Research Institute, Joxiong BOUASINENGMA, Deputy General Manager of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Vientiane Branch, Somsy GNOPHANXAY, President of the Lao National University, Daovong PHONEKEO, Secretary General of the Lao Energy and Minerals Department, Bin Yao, President of the Lao Chinese Chamber of Commerce attended the forum and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony of the forum was hosted by Dechun Huang, Executive Director of the World Water Valley Research Institute of Hohai University/Director of the Overseas Center (Laos).

President Hui Xu introduced the basic situation of Hohai University and pointed out that Hohai University actively provided talents and technical support for the cooperation of Lancang- Mekong water resources, and formed a profound friendship with the friends from all walks of life in Lancang- Mekong countries. He also hoped that experts and scholars, through this forum, have an in-depth discussion on the theoretical and practical issues in the construction of the economic corridor between China and Laos, and promote the all-round cooperation and exchanges between Lancang- Mekong rivers countries in the field of governments industries, education, scientific research, finance, and culture, and play an active role in promoting cooperation between China and Laos and cooperation.

At the forum, more than 200 experts and scholars from China, Laos, Thailand and other countries conducted in-depth theoretical and practical discussions on the theme of “co-consulting Lancang- Mekong community, building a water economic corridor, and sharing cross-border synergies”. Yang Zhang, Dean of the World Water Valley Research Institute of Hohai University, and Wenxian Chen, deputy general manager of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Vientiane Branch, gave keynote speeches, analyzing the development of hydropower in Laos, the construction of the economic corridor of China and Laos from the perspectives of “Government, Industry, Academics, Research, Finance, Education”, and expressed opinions on the construction of Southeast Asian battery planning and its needs. The keynote speech was hosted by Anna Shi, Director of the Department of Social Sciences at Hohai University. During the guest dialogue session, Haijun Zhou, Dean of the Business School of Hohai University, and Xinghua Wu, CEO of the Jeddah Group of Laos, had a heated discussion about the financial services cooperation of Laos companies and its going global. In the sub-forum, the participants discussed in depth the six topics of collaborative research, cross-border education and talent training, and hydropower industry entrepreneurship and cross-cultural management. During the forum, Hohai University and the Laos National University signed a memorandum of understanding.

The Xinhua News Agency Vientiane Branch, the Lao National News Agency, and the China Times have reported on this event.