Vice President of University of Toronto and His Delegation Visited Hohai University


On 7th Dec, vice president of University of Toronto, Bernie Kraatz, and his delegation visited our school. Weiya Xu, vice president of Hohai University, and Yuming Zhou, assistant of the headmaster, have warmly welcomed the guests.

Vice president Weiya Xu first introduced the latest progress made by our school in the construction of double first-class discipline and in the field of international cooperation and communication. Later, he expressed the hope for substantive cooperation with the University of Toronto in inter-school exchanges and co-organization of international academic seminars, which has been responded enthusiastically by Bernie, vice president of University of Toronto. And he expressed that further student exchange projects between the two sides will be promoted, and actively carry out cooperation and exchanges with environmental science and other related disciplines in our university. During the discussion, the two sides also carried out in-depth exchanges on the design concept of the new environmental sciences building in our university.

The discussion were attended by College of Business , College of Environment, College of International Languages and Cultures, the International Office, the Assets Branch and the relevant personnel of the Infrastructure Department.

And the following visiting delegation members are Professor David Zweig, head of management at the University of Toronto, and Margaret Yan, director of international academic projects and programmes.

Vice president, Bernie Kraatz and director, David Zweig gave academic lectures to teachers and students of our school's College of Environmental and College of  Business respectively.