BRICS International Symposium on Water Environmental Protection and Water Resources Management Was Held in Hohai University


From 4th to 7th Dec, the symposium on water environmental protection and water resources management was held in Hohai University. Vice president Weiya Xu attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 30 experts and scholars from more than 10 BRICS colleges and universities attended the meeting.

 Vice president Weiya Xu presented that, as the top university in water resources management and water pollution control in China, Hohai University has been and will, as always, actively participate in the research and resolution of China's water resources protection projects, and provide advice for the BRICS and even the world's countries on water pollution and water shortage.

Peifang Wang, dean of the College of Environment, introduced the situation of research, teaching, international exchanges and cooperation of College of Environment. The participants had extensive exchanges on the problems, opportunities and challenges of water pollution and shortage of aquatic resources among the BRICS countries, and shared frontier technology news and innovation results. Besides, a lot of important common sense has been received on the basis of research corporation and teaching, which promoted deeper corporation on the fields of water pollution and water resources among BRICS. At the meeting, our school signed a framework agreement on cooperation with the National Institute of Technology of Germany and Poole, India. Yiping Li, vice president of the College of Environment, presided over the meeting.

The conference was one of a series of seminars under the framework of the BRICS Network University. December 2015, the Ministry of Education approved our school as one of the 11 Chinese universities selected as the BRICS Network University project to carry out cooperative work in two priority areas of cooperation in water resources and pollution management and energy.