Hohai University Held the Unveiling Ceremony of the 1442 Project Fencing Team


On December 11, Hohai University held the unveiling ceremony of the 1442 Project fencing team. Vice President of Nanjing Sport Institute, Secretary General of China Fencing Association and World Champion Aihua Xiao, President of Coast Construction Co., Ltd. and alumni of the Agricultural Water Professional of Hohai University, Baoliang Sang, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of Nanjing Sports Institute, Olympic champion Xiaojuan Luo, Jiangsu Fencing Team head coach Shuangxi Zhang, champion of the National Fencing Championship and the 1442 Project fencing team coach of Hohai University Ling Wang and deputy secretary of the school party committee Jichao Guo, attended the ceremony. Hong Wu, the director of Department of Students, presided over the ceremony.

Deputy Secretary Jichao Guo welcomed all the guests and thanked Coast Construction Co., Ltd. for their support of the 1442 Project fencing team. He pointed out that the 1442 Project student backbone training model of our school has been implemented for 22 years, continuously improving the training program and intensifying the training. In recent years, with the core of training students' leadership and sword spirit, the students are encouraged to dare to show themselves, to struggle tenaciously, to strengthen the sword-making spirit, and to deal with challenges directly. It is hoped that Hohai University could build a group of comprehensive backbone students who are qualified in political orientation, excellent in study, good in moral character and upright in life style, with the establishment of  the 1442 Project fencing team. Thus to motivate and encourage all students of Hohai University to work hard, improve together and develop in an all-round way.

President Baoliang Sang congratulated the establishment of the fencing team. He pointed out that the spirit of sword advocated by the fencing team is not only the embodiment of the school motto spirit, but also the company's corporate spirit. He also hoped that the students will continue to carry forward their spirits, constantly temper themselves, and be brave in breaking through themselves and making success.

World champion Aihua Xiao pointed out that the establishment of the 1442 Project fencing team of Hohai University coincided with the 105th anniversary of the establishment of the International Fencing Federation. She hoped that through the fencing movement, students will exercise their will, strengthen their minds, build their talents, enhance their physical fitness, improve their personality and strive to improve their creativity and innovation, towards the goal of “higher, faster, stronger”, and dare to challenge, dare to show themselves, unite and struggle together, strive to explore, never give up, understand the fencing feelings in the joy and unremitting persistence of sports, and gain the happiness of growth and success.

Olympic champion Xiaojuan Luo and Jiangsu Fencing Team head coach Shuangxi Zhang congratulated the establishment of the fencing team in their speeches, and hoped that the students would better understand the charm of fencing and the deep interpretation of the fighting spirit by the fencing movement.

Fencing team student representative and 1442 Project student Wei Wang said that joining the fencing team was a new challenge. As a member of the 1442 Project student backbone team, he believed that 1442 Project students should work hard to carry forward the spirit of sword and unite together to inspire the students of Hohai University to work hard, fight hard with strong courage, shoulder the responsibility of times and show their youthful style.

Fencing team training and epee actual combat were also performed on site.

The heads of the school Party Committee Publicity Department, Department of students, school League Committee and other departments attended the event.