Hohai University Held A School-Enterprise Cooperation Symposium Serving "the Belt and Road" Initiative


Chinese enterprises “going out” need a large number of localized specialized talents. In recent years, Hohai University has fully utilized the advantages of water conservancy disciplines, closely followed the national “the Belt and Road” initiative, and worked closely with government departments and “going out” enterprises to build a “the Belt and Road” education community, and jointly cultivated international talents. The area has made useful explorations and provided strong talent support for serving China's hydropower “going out”. In order to further promote employers, universities, and internship units to carry out deeper and higher quality cooperation in the training of talents along the “Belt and Road” countries, on December 18th, Hohai University held a symposium on school-enterprise cooperation in the “Belt and Road” initiative. Hui Xu, President of Hohai University, Weiya Xu, Vice President, Dingming Zhang, Deputy General Manager of China Three Gorges Corporation, Li Li, Executive Director and Party Secretary of China International Water and Electric Power Co., Ltd. (CWE), Dezhi Zhang, General Manager of Sichuan Baozhusi Hydropower Plant of China Huadian Corporation, Chengjun Le, general manager of Sichuan Minyuan Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Design Co., Ltd. attended the symposium. Vice President Xu Weiya presided over the forum.

Hui Xu, President of Hohai University, introduced in detail the school's various activities to serve the country’s “the Belt and Road” initiative, in foreign education cooperation and exchanges, including: expanding the school's overseas education points, promoting the localization of talents; the strategy is to strengthen the cultivation of talents; to innovate the training methods for international students and to expand international communication channels. He said that the school will continue to take the advantages of quality education resources, work together with China's going out enterprises, push the Chinese standards to the world, and contribute to the international layout of China's industry.

On behalf of the Three Gorges Group, Dingming Zhang, deputy general manager of China Three Gorges Corporation, thanked Hohai University for its strong support in personnel training and scientific research. He pointed out that the Three Gorges Group should become a world-class multinational clean energy group with strong innovation capability and global competitiveness. It needs strong international talent support. It is hoped that both sides can rely on their own advantages to achieve more fruitful cooperation results.

Li Li, executive director and party secretary of China International Water and Electric Power Co., Ltd. (CWE), believes that the training project for the owner of the Sue A Petey hydropower station in Guinea has been a complete success, emphasizing that the training is a typical case of the school-enterprise collaborative promotion of the “the Belt and Road” talent training. On behalf of the company, she thanked Hohai University for its hard work in this training. Thanks to the teachers who have been selfless in the training, she hoped that the two sides will continue to carry out deeper cooperation in talent training and other aspects in the future.

Weijian Zhang, deputy head of the training project working group of Hohai University, and Dezhi Zhang, general manager of Sichuan Baozhusi Hydropower Plant of China Huadian Corporation, respectively, reported the power plant of the former school-enterprise cooperation project “Sue A Petey Water Conservancy Project Owners Training” and the situation of the internship.

At the symposium, participations also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on international hydropower development localized talent training, overseas practice bases for college students, and construction of international students' internship bases. The participating units indicated that they will further promote the cooperation between schools and enterprises to a deeper level and higher quality, making new contributions to the country's development strategy.

The person in charge of the relevant departments of Hohai University attended the symposium.