Hohai University Held the First Forum on International Young Scholars


From December 21st to 23rd, Hohai University held the first Forum on International Young Scholars, from nearly one hundred outstanding young talents from Yale University, Imperial College London, Columbia University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Chicago, Nanyang Technological University and many world famous universities attended the forum. Secretary of School Party Committee Hongwu Tang, President Hui Xu, Chief Accountant Bing Zhang, Vice President Feng Xu, Vice President Jinhai Zheng, Deputy Director of the Talent Work Department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Binglong Li, Director of the Talent Development Office of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security Wei Liu, Xinyu Guo, deputy director of the Department of Education of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, attended the main forum. Vice President Feng Xu presided over the forum.

Secretary Hongwu Tang welcomed the young scholars and guests present at the meeting. He pointed out that this forum was held in the context of the school's comprehensive implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, the in-depth implementation of the spirit of the National Education Conference, and the vigorous implementation of the double first-rate construction, and aimed at further promoting the exchange and cooperation of international young scholars, and thus build a new high-end platform for Hohai University to gather talents. In recent years, the school has taken the lead in solving major problems that restrict the development of talents, constantly reforming and improving the system and mechanism, and the effectiveness of talent work has been continuously demonstrated. Hohai University will adopt a more active, more open and more effective talent policy, with a clear-minded eye, a sincere heart, courage and insight, elegant tolerance, gathering talents from all walks at home and abroad, and work hand in hand to construct the first class university.

Speech by Secretary Hongwu Tang

President Hui Xu  introduced the 100-year history of Hohai University, the characteristics of running Hohai University, the blueprint for development, and the important contribution of the people of Hohai in the past to actively participate in national water conservancy construction. He pointed out that the forum provided an opportunity for outstanding young talents at home and abroad to give them a comprehensive understanding of Hohai University. It was hoped that everyone can fully exchange, study in depth, learn from each other and enhance friendship. At the same time, he sincerely welcomed all young scholars to join Hohai University, adhering to the tenet of being hardworking and plain-living; seeking truth from facts, persisting in strict self-requirements; having the courage to explore , and carry forward the spirit of dedication, responsibility and truth-seeking, work together to build Hohai University as a world first-class research university.

 Speech by President Hui Xu

      Vice President Feng Xu  pointed out that the convening of the Forum on International Young Scholars is an important measure for our school to comprehensively promote the construction of “double first-rate”, implement the “4424” talent project, and strengthen the construction of high-level teachers. With the utmost enthusiasm, the most practical policies and the best services, Hohai University will build a growing platform for young scholars to provide good development conditions for all kinds of talents, forming the vivid situation of a everyone is eager to become talented, everyone is working hard, everyone can become a talented person and everyone to show their talents, and form a fertile ground for everyone to make achievements and a stage for realizing their dreams.

 Vice President Feng Xu presided over the main forum

The heads of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial People's Office, and the relevant departments of the Provincial Department of Education expressed their congratulations on the holding of the first Hohai University Forum on Young Scholars, and pointed out that Jiangsu Province has consistently pursued the path of innovation-driven development and talent-led innovation. A series of talent policies such as “40 scientific and technological innovations” and “26 new talents policies” provide sufficient financial support, high-quality working environment and intimate supporting services for young talents to work in Jiangsu. At the meeting, the responsible persons introduced the implementation of relevant policies and quality talent projects in Jiangsu Province.

At the main forum, Liliang Ren, Director of the Personnel Department, introduced talent planning and technology incentive policies such as “Dayu Scholars” and “Youth Professors”. Dr. Jing Tao from the University of Maryland, Dr. Zili Li from the National University of Ireland, and Dr. Dawei Wang from the Clemson University in the United States gave a keynote speech on behalf of young scholars. The Hohai University first Forum on International Youth Scholars has 15 sub-forums in the subject area. Young scholars conducted in-depth discussions on international academic frontiers and hot issues in their respective fields. During the forum, the school also organized activities such as discussion and exchanges, visits to national key laboratories and school history museums.

Hohai University Forum on International Young Scholars of is another talented work quality project created by the school to promote the construction of first-rate teachers. It aims to focus on the international academic frontier and build a platform for academic exchanges and achievements display for outstanding young talents at home and abroad, build an arena where young talents will be discovered, set up a big stage of discussing the frontier of science and technology, and form a demonstration window of showcasing the school's spiritual culture.

The relevant departments of the school and the heads of the college, representatives of teachers and students attended the forum.