Our School Has Been Approved By the China Scholarship Council Innovative Talents International Cooperation Training Project


    Recently, the China Scholarship Council has announced the list of projects funded by the “International Cooperative Training Program of Innovative Talents” in 2019. Our school's “Water-Food-Energy” High-end Talent Training Project for Ties and Cross-border River Governance have been approved. The project is a collaboration between Hohai University and Columbia University. The type of personnel selected to be sent to the project is a Ph.D. in the joint training program, and plans to send 3 people to study for one year. And their majors are business administration, management science and engineering.

    The “International Cooperative Training Program of Innovative Talents” is an international cooperation projects that National Scholarship Council uses the existing national public education program to select and fund a number of domestic universities and foreign educational and scientific research institutions.  The goal of this project is to foster innovative models and talents. The selection of the project takes the form of first identifying a project and then determining candidates. The candidates shall be dispatched according to the project.A total of 69 new funded projects were approved nationwide in 2019