The Vice President of The University of Windsor Visited Our University


On March 12, the vice-president of University of Windsor,professor Diana Kao, visited our university and Weiya Xu vice president received guests warmly.

Weiya Xu welcomed the arrival of the vice president Kao and noted that the University of Windsor is our important partners in Canada, and hoped that through the visit to push ahead with the implementation of practical training of management staff in our school to the School Project, and make further cooperation to build Sino - foreign joint education institutions. Kao said the Windsor University attaches great importance to cooperate with Hohai University, and hope to increase the intensity of exchanges in the future, also further to expand areas of cooperation, to create more effective international cooperation projects.

Diana Kao vice president also visited the Institute of Environment, to discuss joint laboratory for building international cooperation issues. The two managers of our university who is about to go to the University of Windsor for the training also participated this meeting, and International Department and other related departments responsible officers.