The Advanced Seminar on Resettlement and Management of International Land Expropriation Co-sponsored by Our School Was Successfully Completed in India


     ICMLARR,co-sponsored by the Indian Administration College and Hohai University,undertake by the Land Expropriation and Immigration Research Center of IndianAdministration College and Chinese Immigration Research Center of HohaiUniversity, was held successfully in Hyderabad, India, from February 25 toMarch 8, 2019. 35 officials from the government departments, universities,International Financial Institutions Loan Project Construction Units, AdvisoryBodies and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank of Sri Lanka, Afghanistan,Kenya, Peru, participated in the two-week advanced seminar.


     This seminar was oneof the activities that held after the signing of the memorandum between HohaiUniversity and the Indian School of Administration in July 2016. Apart from thefirst ICMLARR International seminar held in Hohai University in April 2018, itwas the reunion of those senior personnel of the Management of LandAcquisition, Immigration and Resettlement of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Inthe seminar, nearly 20 experts and scholars from Hohai University of China,Indian School of Administration and Management, Indian Representative Office of the World Bank, IndianNational Hydropower Corporation, National Remote Sensing Center and localRemote Sensing Center, Bilateral-decision Federal Land, Urban Development,Water Resources and Hydropower Development Projects Office and otherinstitutions ,  conducted a specificpresentations and in-depth discussions toward the development  of Project Migration, Overview of SustainableDevelopment, Land Acquisition and Migration mode of China, ResettlementManagement model of Indian, Land Management System and Land Expropriation andResettlement Law of Indian, environmental and social framework and national system of World Bank,Difference Analysis, Social Impact and Risk, Impact Analysis Assessment Tools,Resettlement Planning Techniques and Practices, Livelihood Recovery andReconstruction, Cost Estimates and Institutional Arrangements, ConflictManagement, Benefit Sharing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Stakeholder Management,Social Gender in the Land Expropriation and Migration, Indigenous Residents andMinority Issues, Land Acquisition and Land Equity, Remote Sensing and GISApplications.

     The seminar wasconducted in a variety of interactive ways, such as classroom lecture, caseanalysis, role-playing, group discussion and group communication, videobroadcasting, field visits and so on. It was welcomed by the students and hasachieved outstanding results. The seminar also organized a series of fieldvisits about the Land Acquisition and Resettlement for Urban and Rural WaterSupply Projects in Tananggna, Land Acquisition and Resettlement TechnologyTraining Centre of Heidelaba Airport project, Land Acquisition and Resettlementfor Urban Transport Projects in Mumbai and Women's Livelihood Development, LandAcquisition in Magapata City Information Technology Development Zone, etc, andenjoys a striking popularity among the participants.

     As representatives and experts of Hohai University, Professor Shi Guoqing, the director of the China Immigration Research Center, and part-time professor Dr. Zaman participated in all teaching and management activities, which demonstrated the high level of Hohai University's research and talent cultivation in the field of immigration.  During the discussion, the two professors exchanged their ideas with the Immigration Research Center of the University of Nairobi in Kenya and the professors of the School of Humanities and promoted the establishment of cooperation between the two schools. They discussed with the two experts from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank on how to strengthen cooperation, exchanged views with representatives of various government departments in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka on how to establish cooperative relations, and communicated with representatives of the World Bank's India office, relevant Indian government agencies, and project agencies.

        The discussion of this study strengthened the cooperation between Hohai University and the Indian Institute of Management and the World Bank. This is conducive to the exchanges between the two major powers of China and India, and is conducive to the cooperation between the two countries and the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, especially the neighboring countries of the Belt and Road, and is conducive to exchanges and cooperation with international institutions. Moreover, it effectively expands the international academic influence of Hohai University on immigration, sociology, public administration, water conservancy and hydropower, and environment.