Students from Hohai University Won the Final Championship in American University Students Civil Engineering Sustainable Structure Contest in 2019


The final of American University Students Civil Engineering Sustainable Structure Contest organized by The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) was held at Florida Institute of Technology from June 6 to 8. The championship was won by the team from Hohai University. The team was joined by the civil engineering undergraduate students including Ma Yinghao, Sun Yuanfeng, Song Kexian, Li Qiyao, Xie Wenjian and Bian Yi, and was under the instructions provided by two faculties including Wang Haitao and Qiu Ye. It’s the first final championship won by China’s university in American University Students Civil Engineering.

The Sustainable Structure Contest is a highly comprehensive and first-class international civil engineering disciplinary competition. It pays attention to sustainable design application, structural performance and economy efficiency, advocating the fostering of ability and competences such as innovation, organization, expression, model-making and team cooperation. The comprehensive evaluation was made on model appearance, poster display, on-site assembly structure, model loading, calculation and oral defense, etc. In April 2019, Hohai university team won the champion in ASCE Mid-Pacific Student Conference. The team advanced to the conference final and secured the championship with solid preparation and excellent on-the-spot performance in the conference final.

In recent years, the Hohai University College of Civil and Transportation Engineering has established and practiced the Teacher-led and Student-centered dual-feature talent development. It has actively promoted innovative quality education of balanced moral and career development, on-line and off-line activities, education and inheritance. It has also emphasized the first-line pedagogical organization construction for the civil engineering and transportation engineering. Students benefited with significantly improved innovative capacity, and scored excellent performance in top disciplinary competitions inside and outside China. Participation in international competitions not only enhanced the faculty and student level exchange and cooperation between Hohai and famous international universities, but also further expanded Hohai’s international reputation and influence of relevant majors including civil engineering and transportation engineering.