Head of Department of Infrastructure Engineering of University of Melbourne visited Hohai University


  Professor Abbas Rajabifard, head of the Department of Infrastructure Engineering and director of the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety,University of Melbourne, and Professor Yongping Wei, head of Joint Research Center for China-Australia Watershed,University of Melbourne, visited Hohai University on October 20.

  Both parties explored the potential for collaboration in different areas, including the establishment of Sino-Australia Joint Research Center for Disaster of Management and Public Safety, conduction of a joint workshop in 2015, in collaboration with other related potential organization and in the content of “disaster management and public safety”, cooperation on Joint Research Center for China-Australia Watershed,movement of faculty, scholars and staff between the two institutions and “3+2”undergraduate and graduate degree programme. Staff from School of Public Administration, School of Earth Science and Engineering,College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering,College of International Education and International Office attended the meeting.

  Professor Abbas also delivered academic speech named“Future Cities and Liveability-the Role of Spatial Information”to students from School of Earth Science and Engineering.