★National Scientific Research Institutions

State Key Engineering Research Center of Efficient Utilization of Water Resources and Engineering Safety

★Provincial Scientific Research Institutions 

Engineering Research Center of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Safety, Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center of Dredging Technology, Ministry of Education 

Engineering Research Center of renewable power generation technologies, Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center of Fundamental Transportation Technologies, Jiangsu Province

Engineering Research Center of Geotechnical Engineering Technologies, Jiangsu Province

Engineering Center of Circular Economy, Jiangsu Province

Engineering Center of Water disasters monitoring and decision support system

East Resources Environmental and Sustainability Research Centre

Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Center of  Large Engineering Foundation Stability and Security Monitoring

Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Center of  Building Crack Control

Testing Center for Hydraulic Metal Structure Safety, Ministry of Water Resources

Research Center of Reservoir Resettlement Economics, Ministry of Water Resources

Human Resources Research Institute,Ministry of Water Resources

Reaserch and Training Center of Water Conservacy Policy and Legal System

Jiangsu Water Resources and Sustainable Develpment Research Center

Jiangsu Enterprise Internationalization Development

Research Center---Jiangsu Decision-Making Consultation Center

City Environment and Sustanability United Research Center of Ministry of Education

Efficient Irrigation Zone of Ministry of Water Resources

★International Scientific Research Institutions

China-German Institute for Water Resources Management

China-Dutch Cooperative Research Center for Geoenvironmental Engineering

China-Canada Transient Current Emulation and Control Reseach Center

China-German Coastal Engineering Institute

China-America Global Change and Water Circulation Joint Research Center

★Municipal Scientific Research Institutions

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Geosynthetic Materials, Nanjing City

Hohai University  Marine and Offshore Engineering Research Center in Nantong

★On-Campus Scientific Research Institution

Research and Development Center of New Materials and New Energy

Higher Education Research Institute

hydrological forecast Research Institute

Engineering Hydrology and Hydro Meterology Research Institute