China-Foreign University Presidents Forum Opens in Hohai University

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Hohai University, one of the country's premiere institutions of higher education in water resources, celebrated its centennial anniversary on Oct 27th .On the same day, it initiated the China-Foreign University Presidents Forum with the main topic of “ Internationalization and Innovation-Oriented Talents Cultivation”.



Attending the forum were more than 50 presidents or deans from the Mainland of China, Hong Kong, , about 40 presidents from prestigious universities in America, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ghana and other countries, some presidents of international academic institutions as well as some senior managers of famous international enterprises .


Mr. Weixing Cao, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, attended the Forum and delivered opening remarks. Prof. Hui Xu,President of Hohai University hosted the Forum.Some domestic and foreign university presidents were invited to deliver keynote speeches, introducing features of their university and sharing their experience and expertise in university administration.


Mr.Cao Weixing delivered opening remarks


Prof. Rong Zhang, President of Shandong University and Prof. Monika Sester, Vice President of Hannover University jointly hosted the first session of the forum on “Global Perspective of International Education”.Prof. Zhaohui Wu, President of Zhejiang University gave the keynote speech on “ Innovation-Oriented Talents Cultivation in the Context of Globalization---Practice and Exploration of Zhejiang University’, which was followed by the keynote speech concerning “The Importance of Strategic Partnerships for a Research Intensive University “ by Prof.Richard Davies, President of Swansea University.


Prof.  Rong Zhanghosted session 1


 Prof.Monika Sester hosted session 1

Prof. Zhaohui Wu  delivered keynote speech

Prof.Richard Davies delivered keynote speech


The second session on “The Opportunities and Challenges for Research Universities” was directed by Prof.Lai Maode, President of China Pharmaceutical University and Prof.Steven Liss, Vice President of Queen’s University,Canada.Prof. Hui Xu made the keynote speech about “From serving to Leading, Transformation and Development of Research Universities with Distinctive Features”. Another keynote speech on “Hundred Years of Talents Cultivation by means Internationalization” was given by Prof.Peter Wieringa, Vice President of Technical University of Delft,Netherlands.


Prof.Lai Maode hosted session 2

Prof.Steven Liss hosted session 2

Prof.Hui Xu delivered keynote speech

Prof.Peter Wieringa delivered keynote speech


Prof.Zhou Guangrong , President of Nanjing Agriculture University and Academician Michael Sterling,former President of University of Birmingham jointly presided over the last session on “International Cannotation and Essence of Innovation-Oriented Talents Cultivation”.Keynote speakers were Prof.Cindy Fan,Vice Provost of University of California,Los Angeles and Prof. Wang Cheng,President of Lanzhou University, the topics were"International Education: A UCLA Global Perspective" and "Promoting Internationalization of Higher Education and Cultivating Innovation-Oriented Talents"respectively.



Prof.Zhou Guangrong hosted session 3

Academician Michael Sterling hosted session 3

Prof.Cindy Fan delivered keynote speech

Prof. Wang Cheng delivered keynote speech


Prof.Joseph Hun-wei LEE,Vice President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was invited for closing remarks. Prof.Lee pointed out that the forces of globalization have led to continual increases in student movement and academic exchange between countries,which has led to new models of educational innovation and a new positioning of Chinese universities in a new international order,we need to be sensitive to fast changing global developments and pursue deep collaboration with our international partners on broad fronts.


 Prof.Joseph Hun-wei LEE made closing remarks


The Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum is a venue for high-echelon dialogues on university spirit and innovative ideas; it is also an interactive platform where wisdom is shared and consensuses earnestly sought. This forum, having taken place on the centennial anniversary of higher education in water resources in China , provides a good opportunity for China to draw on the world’s advanced experience in higher education, and opens a window through which our fellow international educators can observe and understand China and its higher education at close quarters.