Water Science and Engineering Selected into List of "Outstanding Academic Journals with International Influence in China"

Publisher:英文版管理员Release Time:2021-12-17Number of Views:10

Recently, CNKI released the list of 2021 Outstanding Academic Journals with International Influence in China. Water Science and Engineering, an English journal of Hohai University (HHU), was again selected into the list, ranking the 13th place, 11 places higher than the previous year.

For ten consecutive years, CNKI and Tsinghua University Library have jointly developed the Annual Report on International Citation of Chinese Academic Journals, which analyzes the international citations of China's academic journals through the big data mining of citations of more than 20,000 international academic journals. Water Science and Engineering has been listed in the list of Outstanding Academic Journals with International Influence in China or Most Internationally Influential Academic Journals in China for six consecutive years. Water Science and Engineering mainly publishes high-level papers on water resources, water environment, water ecology, water engineering, etc. It has now gathered more than 50 domestic and foreign experts and discipline leaders, paid attention to and accurately grasped the effectiveness, value, theory and science of hot issues at home and abroad for a long time.