Hohai University Attends the First China-CEEC Conference on Technology Cooperation and Exchange

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On May 11, the First China-CEEC Conference on Technology Cooperation and Exchange was held in Nanjing. In the conference, sixty universities and institutions from China and twelve Central and Eastern European countries became the first batch of partners of China-CEEC Technology Transfer Center. Professor Xu Weiya, Vice President of Hohai University was invited to the Conference and announced the launch of China-CEEC Technology Transfer Center website and “Cloud-docking Platform”.

The science and technology departments, universities, enterprises, and technology transfer institutions from China and Central and Eastern European countries released a number of technical cooperation needs at the Conference.  Professor Cao Maosen's team at the College of Mechanics and Materials, Hohai University, jointly developed a new technology to maintain the health and security of river-crossing concrete bridges on the platform of a transfer center with universities in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Serbia. Such technology provides important technical support for the performance assessment and health monitoring of civil infrastructure. This cooperation was demonstrated as a vital achievement at the conference.

Hohai University has always regarded Central and Eastern countries as prior countries for cooperation. It joined the China-CEEC University Association and signed cooperation agreements with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, and other countries to carry out all-round cooperation in the fields of talent training, teacher-student exchange and scientific research. Hohai University has established the Foreign Expert Studio of Jiangsu Province on Belt and Road Infrastructure Security and Health and introduced 12 world-known experts from the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Slovenia, including 3 academicians, to produce a series of important achievements in key technologies of concrete bridge health monitoring. Among them, the professor from Brno University of Science and Technology of the Czech Republic, who cooperated with Hohai University, was awarded the 2019 Jiangsu Friendship Award by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government.