Quan Minh Cuong, Deputy Secretary of the Dong Nai Provincial Party Committee and Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation, and His Delegation Visited Hohai University

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On December 19, Quan Minh Cuong, Deputy Secretary of the Dong Nai Provincial Party Committee and Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation, and his delegation visited Hohai University accompanied by Xu Lulu, Director of the Asian Division of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government. Zheng Jinhai, Vice President of Hohai University, met with the delegation.

Zheng Jinhai warmly welcomed the delegation from the Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, to Hohai University as the only university they visited during their trip to Jiangsu Province, China. Zheng stated that China and Vietnam are connected by mountains and rivers, and enjoy cultural proximity, offering us many widely told stories throughout history. Hohai University has always regarded Vietnam as an important country for external exchanges and has maintained close cooperation with diverse universities in Vietnam. Starting with the Lancang-Mekong River College, Hohai University has actively facilitated the coordinated development of water resources, environment, energy, and agriculture in Vietnam and other Lancang-Mekong countries. Zheng hoped that in the future, a cooperation platform would be established for young talents from China and Vietnam to share emerging and interdisciplinary resources, thereby promoting deeper educational cooperation between the two countries.

Quan Minh Cuong stated that China possesses strong strength in infrastructure construction. In particular, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project is truly remarkable. Hohai University, as the pioneer and leader in China's water conservancy higher education, has provided strong support for Vietnam in terms of talent training and scientific and technological innovation. Quan Minh Cuong expressed his hope for increased practical cooperation between Dong Nai Province and Hohai University in the future, particularly in water resources management, climate change, and other areas. Additionally, he hoped that more students from Vietnam would have the opportunity to study and engage in communication at Hohai University, thus contributing youthful vigor to the development of China-Vietnam friendship and the building of a China-Vietnam community with a shared future.

During the symposium, representatives of Vietnamese students shared their experiences of studying and living at Hohai University, and talked freely about their future study plans.

Heads of relevant departments and colleges of Hohai University attended the symposium.