Professor Yu Zhongbo from Our University Invited to Participate in UNESCO World Water Day Celebration 2024

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On the afternoon of March 22, the World Water Day Celebration 2024, organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) representing UN-Water, took place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. Professor Yu Zhongbo from our university was invited to participate in this celebration.

During the official celebration, the “UN World Water Development Report 2024” was released. Representatives from UN agencies and member states, as well as experts in the field, delivered speeches, followed by group discussions to delve into the relationship between water resource management and the development of peace. Additionally, on the same day, the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University, in collaboration with Columbia University, Rice University, and Science Water Corporation, launched a new water research institute dedicated to addressing emerging water and climate issues. Professor Yu was invited to record a video for the establishment of the institute, which was played and exhibited during the event.

In the video, Professor Yu pointed out that climate change caused by natural and human activities poses significant challenges to global water security and sustainability. Addressing these issues requires enhanced communication and collaboration among academia, government, and industry. He emphasized the importance of inviting experts from different institutions for knowledge and experience exchange, with a focus on technical cooperation in water resource management, disaster prevention and mitigation, and climate change adaptation. Lastly, he advocated for promoting equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the hydrological science community to provide greater platforms for young scientists.

Since its establishment in 1993, World Water Day has been a crucial commemorative event of the United Nations, aiming to highlight the importance of water and advocate for sustainable water resource management. Each year, World Water Day serves as an important platform to respond to global water challenges and opportunities. This year’s theme is “Water for Peace”, which showcases effective mechanisms and means to strengthen cooperation and prevent water-related conflicts and underscores the significance of water resource management in promoting peace, preventing conflicts, and supporting sustainable development.