Overseas Students

Programs and Duration
1. Bachelor’s Degree Programs 4 years
2. Master’s Degree Programs 3 years
3. Doctoral Degree Programs 4 years
4. Chinese Language Training Programs 1 year
5. General Scholar/ Senior Scholar 1 ~ 2 years
6. Short-term Programs (we offer special short-term program to group of 8 or more students)
Chinese Language 2 weeks ~ 3 months
Courses of Civil Engineering and Water Resources 2 ~ 4 weeks



Admission Qualifications
1. Chinese Language Trainees: above 16, healthy
2. Applications for degrees: relevant certificates, good grades, healthy.



Application Requirement
1. Application Deadline:
Chinese Language Training and Short-term Programs:
Spring Semester: Jan. 20
Fall Semester: June 30
Please contact us for more details if you are in other programs

2. Students should submit the Application Form for International Students (see below)
3. Copy of passport and 3 passport-sized photos.
4. Registration fee
5. Those who study for more than 6 months should provide Physical Examination Record.
6. Applicant for Degree Program should provide the highest certificate (photocopies) and transcripts; for master’s or doctoral degrees, applicant should also provide research plan (within 400 to 800 words), letters of recommendation by 2 (associate) professors.



Required Documents

Required Documents

Language Students



Master’s Students

Doctoral Students

Hohai Application Form

Copy of Passport

Most Advanced Studies Diploma

Most Advanced Studies Transcripts

Foreigner Physical Examination Form


Two Recommendation Letters



Study Plan in China



HSK Certificate   (English Medium Degree Programs Excluded)

After receiving all documents and registration fees, International Office will examine the applicants and inform or mailthe“Admission Notice” and “Visa Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China” (JW202).
To apply for Visa, the qualifiers may  mail the “Admission Notice” and “Visa Application Form” to the Embassy or Consulate of China. After receiving temporary Visa, students can then come to Hohai University to register within the appointed time.



Main Courses in College for International Students
(For the detailed information, please refer to the website.)
Civil Engineering
Business Administration
International Economics and Trade
Harbor Waterway and Coast Engineering
Electronic Information Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Communication Engineering
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Agricultural Irrigation Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Automation
Geological Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Structure Engineering
Management Science and Engineering
Fluid Mechanics, etc.

Application Form.doc

Application Form.pdf

Application Form of Nanjing Government Scholarship.doc