Hohai University has been famous for its student activities ever since the time of its foundation. Students are encouraged to experience colorful campus lives, which satisfy the different demands of local as well as international students. Through these activities, students cultivate their interpersonal friendship, creativity and leadership. Every year, there are several carefully designed festivals and activities, which are regarded as main campus events. Some of them are annual, such as New Year’s Eve Celebration, or the International Cultural Festival.


   In this way, students at Hohai University not only receive a comprehensive and prestigious academic education, but also experience a balanced life, consisting of a vibrant array of student organizations and activities, leadership development opportunities, international programs and athletic competitions. We expect all students to be open to the numerous challenges and opportunities our institution provides and offers.

   Hohai University recognizes that student organizations enrich the social, cultural and educational experiences of students and the larger University community. About 200 organized student groups cover a range of interests, there are 45 university level associations, 35 college level associations, covering the fields of Arts, Science, Sports, Technology, Literature, Social Activities, Resource Services, and so on.